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Every client has different needs and every home is unique. Your home is a place you feel safe, secure, and more importantly, you can be yourself there. That is why Top Cleaning OC  is flexible to provide tailored service. Our cleaning service is professional and based on years of experiences. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time cleaning.


Let us help you to keep your home sparkling clean.


Deep Cleaning


Sometimes a general house cleaning just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need that extra few layers to be peeled back so that the home is clean from the inside out. Customers have many motivations for a top-to-bottom or Spring cleaning.

Move In/Out cleaning


Moving is a chore. It's time and energy-consuming, and the workload always packs a punch. With so many things to take care of, your to-do list can pile up before you've even started packing. 

Regular clening


A healthy,happy, environmentally friendly Top Cleaning OC will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and your house fresh and sparkling. We arrive when we say we will, and do what we say we'll do, every time.

Eco cleaning


We value our enviroment that is why we like to use eco friendly products. To protect your health and safety. Ask us what products we like to use.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


We can wash and dry your towels, bathroom rugs, or sheets.


Inside Fridge


We can do a quick wipe down of all shelfs or take all shelfs out, wash them and assemble back.



Vacuuming of furniture


We can vacuume all your upholstered furniture.

Inside Oven


We can scrub of inside of your oven. 



Sliding doors


We can clean your sliding doors.

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